Discover How Universal Design & ADA for bathrooms can make your home more livable

Universal Design & ADA Renovations For Any Size Budget

One of the largest growing markets for remodeling companies like ours is universal design or aging in place renovations. For over 36 years The Remodeling Pro has been designing and building new spaces for homeowners all over the greater Kansas City area.  Bathrooms, Kitchens, Master suites and Basement finishing are just some of the projects we take on.

What is Universal Design remodeling?

A universal design is simply designing a home around the specific needs of your family. The Remodeling Pro can design spaces that offer accessibility and comfort along with the best aesthetic and function for those with special needs.  Whether you are remodeling a bathroom, kitchen, hallway, bedroom or living space we can help you make it work for everyone in your home.

When using universal designs best practices we find it is important combine special needs functions without making the space uncomfortable and unusable for others without the specific need. Combinations that create functionality and comfort for all in the home is our goal. Some of the most common features include:

    • No step entry
    • One-story living
    • Widened doorways and walkways
    • Extra floor space
    • Floors, showers and baths with non-slip surfaces
    • Good lighting
    • Lowered cabinets and workspaces
    • Lever door handles and safety bars

    What makes ADA Bathroom Design (Americans with Disabilities Act) unique?

    An ADA designed bathrooms will feature fixtures and space for those with mobility impairments. Most often features like grab bars, special shower seats, special height toilets, lowered sink, countertop and mirrors that are suitable for individuals in wheelchairs are seen in ADA designs. The Remodeling Pro can help you achieve compliance without having to make your completed project “look” institutional.

    What is Aging In Place Bathroom Design?

    Aging in place design is simply a designing a home or retrofitting it to offer function and comfort as you age. Most commonly seen in bathrooms it provides safety and ease of use to those growing older in the home. Walk in tubs, no step entry and one-story living are key features.   The Remodeling Pro will use these designs to make sure you home and bath are safe and functional as you age.

    Do you have a similar project in mind?

    Dreams on a Budget

    The Remodeling Pro will work closely with you as retrofit your home to age or special needs quickly and professionally. We have the products and services necessary to combine comfort, function, accessibility and aesthetic into one complete renovation that you will be proud to show your friends and family.

    We promise that our process is simple – we listen closely to your wants and needs and design outcomes that mirror them. During the build process we will listen to your concerns, keep our work space clean and safe and most importantly will stick to the budget.

    We think the best way to set ourselves apart from the competition is our attention to detail, quality building products and unmatched commitment to craftsmanship. Don’t let cost stop you from creating a space that fits your specific needs and safety issue.  Call The Remodeling Pro (816)268-9800 or contact us online to start your project today!