Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

Thinking about updating your kitchen. THINK BACKSPLASH.

Here are several ideas we found online that will transform your kitchen into a showplace. These backsplashes are made with a myriad of materials – tile, wood, concrete, quartz and more. If you would like to use any elements of these remodeled spaces in your new bathroom check with The Remodeling Pro. We would love to put together a plan and proposal.

Stainless Steel backsplash

If you want a modern, functional even professional look in your kitchen then stainless steel maybe right for you. Stainless is easy to clean and stunning.

Matching Island

Lacquer, quartz, cement, marble or tiles used both on the backsplash and the island can really make a statement.

Matching backsplash and island

Use Darker Grout Than Your Tile

If you like patterns or wish to highlight your tile and fixtures you can do it with the grout.

tile with darker grout

Chevrons, Herringbone and Special Tile Patterns

Chevrons, Herringbone and Special Tile Patterns can bring interest to your wall.

tile in chevron or herringbone

Color Tiles with or without patterns

Coordinate your color tiles with the colors in the room, on your cabinets or fixtures.

Tile corresponding to colors in room

Try some Stripes!

Utilize different color tiles, or sizes of tiles and try horizontal lines.

Stripes in tile

Reclaimed Wood as a backsplash

Try utilizing reclaimed woods as your next backsplash. This earthy look can take you kitchen to the next level.

Reclaimed wood backsplash

Quartz backsplashes

If clean is your look try quartz for the backsplash and countertops.

quartz backsplash