Enjoy The Benefits Of A Safe Bathing Solution

Walk In Bath or Zero Barrier Shower Installtion

Are you considering a Walk in Bath tub? The Remodeling Pro is the most recommended safe bathing remodeler in the Kansas City metro. When it comes to making your bathroom safer, you can count on us. Did you know that the bathroom is the number one area in your home where potential accidents can lead to hospitalization? Are you interested in a safe bathing solution a walk in bath or a zero barrier shower?  Perhaps you wish to add grab bars, special shower seats, zero barrier showers or more? – The Remodeling Pro can help.

For over 3o years the Remodeling Pro has been offering unique renovation and remodeling solutions for home owners in the greater Kansas City area. And about 10 years ago we started creating unique solutions for seniors, handicapped and others with special needs.

Helping others realize their dreams is our mission.  Helping individuals with special needs enjoy a safe, comfortable bath without the worry of a falling accident is our goal.

At the Remodeling Pro we offer walk in bathing solutions from the nation’s best manufacturers:

      • American Standard Walk in Tubs
      • Jacuzzi Walk in Tubs
      • Boca Walk in Tubs

We can help you choose the style and function of your walk in bath based on your needs, and budget. The Remodeling Pro can quickly install your tub. We will get you back to the normal routine of enjoying your bath, safely and in the comfort of your own home, without outside assistance.

What can you expect from your walk in bath

Improved safety – You will no longer be in danger of being one of the 4.6 million bathroom injuries this year. A walk in tub or a zero barrier shower can reduce your chances of falling. The Remodeling pro can also offer safety grabs, shower seating and no slip flooring.

Comfort – A safe bathing solution allows you to enjoy the comfort of a warm bath without the danger of climbing into a traditional tub. Also consider the health benefits of using hydrotherapy as a treatment for problems like arthritis, and other ailments.

Hygiene – As we age and lose mobility it becomes more and more difficult to manage our personal hygiene needs. A walk in tub or zero barrier shower can make the difference in maintaining a healthy hygiene routine. Cleaning should not be a chore, but a simple task and it can be with the right tools. The Remodeling Pro offers tools like wheelchair sinks, bidets and walk in baths.

An upgrade in your bathroom that makes you safer is an investment in your future. Even the simplest alteration in your bathroom safety plan, can transform your life for the better.

Don’t pay too much for your new walk in tub. You can count on the Remodeling Pro to design and build your dream bathroom on budget and on time. We will work with you to preserve your independence and improve the quality of your life. Let us assist you in making your bathroom that much safer.  We offer free no-hassle consultations so call today (913) 268-9800.