Chrome Fixtures Are Just As Popular Today As Ever

Chrome is Simple and Sophisticated

If you are a HGTV fans like most of us at The Remodeling Pro you may have noticed the move toward chrome in fixtures,Chrom Kitchen Faucet lighting and accessories. Though popularity of brushed nickel and rubbed bronze has grown over the last 10 years, chrome is still the most popular finish.

Why is chrome so popular? Because chrome works well with many different styles – styles that have been with us for a hundred years now. In fact design styles like Farmhouse, rustic, modern traditional or craftsman have utilized chrome in them for years.

Chrome is simple. Chrome is sophisticated. Chrome is easy to maintain and clean. Its mirror like shine works well with most paint colors, concrete, wood, tile, marble and more.

If you don’t believe chrome can be beautiful The Remodeling Pro suggests you visit your local home improvement store. Check out the many different chrome solutions. Remember that when you are purchasing a faucet for a kitchen or a bathroom, design really should be secondary to function. What do I mean? Picking a quality faucet or accessory is much more important than its design. Quality can mean longevity.

Last year chrome became the most popular finish in high end homes. Consider chrome fixture for your home. Call The Remodeling Pro at (913) 268-9800 or (816) 307-0505 to discuss the changing design ideas.

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