How Much Is A Kitchen Remodeling Project?

Keener kitchen with island and pendant lights

For many homeowners in Kansas City considering a kitchen remodeling project their first question to The Remodeling Pro is usually – “What can we expect to spend on a kitchen remodel in our community?” And the second – “Is it worth spending the money to remodel my kitchen?” Let us look at these two questions separately and thoroughly.

What can we expect to spend on a kitchen remodel in our community?

The price of any remodel is really up to the homeowner; to their tastes and the specific objectives of their kitchen remodeling project. That said, there are lots of studies and statistics created from year to year this article looked at information from Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, Bank Rate and Remodeling Magazine.

The average kitchen remodel is broken down into to three subsets – Minor, Mid-range and Major Kitchen remodels.

Minor Kitchen Remodel
Mid-Range Kitchen Remodel
Major Kitchen Remodel
A minor kitchen remodel has no specific definition and it is often seen as just a facelift. It often includes changing hardware and appliances, refinishing cabinets, maybe even installing new countertops. For our purpose think of a minor kitchen remodel as simple, quick and often DIY changes that improve the look not necessarily the function of your kitchen.
Unlike the simple changes a minor kitchen remodel offers a mid-range kitchen remodel completely replaces cabinets, countertops, flooring, backsplashes, appliances and even fixtures like plumbing and lighting. A mid-range remodel improves the look and function and includes many of the same changes a major remodel offers but it is usually done economically.
The difference between a major kitchen remodeling project and a mid-range kitchen remodel can be understood in two ideas – New Design and Upscale. A major kitchen remodel improves look and style. It often involves changing the layout of your kitchen, possibly removing walls (open concept), adding islands and finishing everything off with the use high-end or upscale cabinets, countertops, fixtures and appliances.
Avg Price $8K – $20KAvg Price $14K – $60KAvg Price $30K – $120K
$75 – $250 a square foot is very common in Kansas City. The number from low to high is up to your taste.
Avg Return on Investment (when the home is sold within a year) 81% *
Avg Return on Investment (when the home is sold within a year) 59% *
Avg Return on Investment (when the home is sold within a year) 58% *

Is it worth spending the money to remodel my kitchen?

This question is really up to you. Working out return on investment like above is one thing, especially when you are planning to sell your home quickly. However, worth is definitely in the eye of the beholder. May a simple remodel can change your life in a big way – adding space for your family and friends or by adding convenience, storage and function.

Combining dining, living and kitchen space into the open concept you are dreaming of can may your family and entertainment space more enjoyable.

Average Price is really just a Guideline

Don’t misunderstand the numbers above are not set in stone, DON’T LET THEM SCARE YOU OFF. These numbers give you a guideline on how much you could spend. The Remodeling Pro can find a solution for every budget. We have completed kitchen remodeling projects in each of the above categories. We have worked with DIYers to complete the plumbing and structural components of a remodel. However, our BEST FIT is in the Mid-Range and Major Kitchen Remodeling Categories.

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