Improving your Homes Value With Ease

5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

  1. First Impressions matter Entrance and Curb appeal
  2. Pick up a brush
  3. Declutter and Organize
  4. Dress up a Kitchen
  5. Update your Bathroom
  1. First Impression Count

Make sure to think out your curb appeal, just like you would do for a job interview. Dress up how your home looks from the curb. If you are trying to sell your home and it is on the market potential clients will often drive by your home. If they like what they see from the street you will most likely get a walk through scheduled.

Your home is a big investment, take time to plan out how your home will appear to passersby. Increasing the value of your home, does have to be expensive. Simple things like a mowed lawn free from weeds, dead patches and leaves can say a lot about how you have taken care of you home. Make sure to trim shrubs and trees. Remove dead patches, shrubs, plants and trees.  Even freshly planted flowers will be quite welcoming.

You can even improve the look of your front door by adding a splash of color, new hardware or door knob. Or you can make your mailbox stand out. A little cash combined with a thoughtful plan can mean a major return on your investment.

  1. Pickup A Brush

Take time to place a fresh coat of paint inside your home and out. A fresh coat of paint will make that tired old space look brand new. Whether you are painting your home, deck, door, walls or cabinets make sure to use colors that your potential buyers will like. Neutral colors are more acceptable to the widest number of buyers. Light colors will open the space and make small rooms look larger. Don’t neglect the trim, dust and clean baseboards. Use stains and always touch up imperfections in the wood as best you can.

  1. De-clutter and Organize

Take time to stage your home properly. Over cluttered homes tend to be less appreciated. Space is always a premium and clutter can fool the eye.

You could also add some storage. Storage is definitely a premium feature you will want to deliver. If your home is lacking storage space call The Remodeling Pro at (816) 763-8200. We would love to help you build the storage you need.

  1. Dress Up That Tired Old Kitchen

Whether you choose a simple kitchen makeover or a complete Kitchen remodel, dressing up the Kitchen will increase your homes overall value. Simple steps like adding new cabinet hardware, de-cluttering the countertops, and painting can help. Try cleaning out your cupboards and drawers and adding new organizational systems.  These new organizational systems will help to keep all your kitchen supplies neat and easy to find.

You might also consider cabinet refacing it can be cheaper than replacing cabinets but still create a profound change. However, if you really want bang for your buck think about changing the cabinets and countertops or replacing the sink with a new farmhouse sink and fixture.

  1. Spruce Up the Bathroom

Next to a kitchen makeover, bathroom remodeling can be an excellent choice to improve your home’s value. Bathrooms remodeling with new tile, counter tops and lighting can be a big improvement. You can also just do a makeover, new shower curtains, towels and de-clutter the bath. And don’t forget artwork for the walls.